Get a Libec Lanc controller for $10 US when bought as part of a kit

zfc l

Libec’s new ZFC-L LANC-based controller looks to be a decent, reasonably priced option for adding remote functionality to your tripod or rig.

Libec ZFC-L: the L is for ‘bargain’

For a short while they’re going to be even more reasonably priced – at least for our readers in the States. When you buy one of Libec’s Hands-Free Monopods or TH-X tripods you can add on a ZFC-L Zoom and Focus Controller for $10 US.

The unit will work on  Sony, Canon, and JVC video cameras with a LANC connection, though of course you’d be wise to check your lens and camera combination are compatible with the protocol first.

The Libec ZFC-L isn’t officially released until June, so you’ll be getting an early unit too…

The offer’s only available to US residents from Libec’s online store. For more info you can check out Libec’s website, or send an email to their US team: [email protected]

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