iPhone 7 ExoLens Case for ExoLens Pro lenses

ExoLens Case with ZEISS web

Exolens make surprisingly effective screw-in lenses for the iPhone. The pick of the crop have to be the ‘Pro’ models with optics by Zeiss: they’re a good way to change the field of view of your phone’s built-in lens without degrading the quality of the image.

We had a play with the ExoLens/Zeiss lenses last year and found them to be very useable – the wideangle adapter is particularly useful for video as it counteracts the sensor crop that the phone uses to record video in rather than stills.

Exolens Case: a more substantial attachment

Until now the lenses have mounted to the iPhone 7 via a clip (‘Edge Mount’) that secures itself to one side of the case. With the lenses costing over a hundred dollars each, you’d be forgiven for thinking that ever so slightly precarious.

The ExoLens Edge Mount for the iPhone
The Edge Mount only clips to the side of the phone.

ExoLens have addressed this with a new full case for the iPhone 7 (a model that fits the Plus is coming later in the year). It’s a two-parter with a screw thread to attach the ExoLens lenses and looks like it removes a potential point of failure over the original system.

The ExoLens Case for the iPhone 7
The new case features a screw mount that’s attached to the rest of the phone.

Price and availability

The ExoLens Case for the iPhone 7 is available now, for $49.95 US from Exolens.com.

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