V-mount battery solution for the CAME-PRODIGY gimbal

CAME-TV has released a new V-mount battery solution for powering their CAME-PRODIGY gimbal. The CAME-PRODIGY is the company’s largest gimbal and can support larger cameras and lenses.

VM05 V-Mount Battery Adapter for the CAME PRODIGY gimbal
VM05 V-Mount Battery Adapter

The VM05 V-Mount Battery Adapter works with the CAME-PRODIGY and CAME-ARGO and provides extended use of the gimbal so that you don’t have to worry about changing batteries when shooting for long periods of time. There is a switch built in to turn the power on or off from the V-mount battery. The benefit of using a V-lock battery is that if you have one that has a D-tap built into it you can power both the gimbal and your camera at the same time.

Despite being able to take any type of V-mount battery solution, CAME-TV recommends you use one of their compact V-mount batteries, or a similar battery from other companies. The reason for this is to keep the height of the battery low.

CAME-PRODIGY Gimbal with V-Mount Battery Plate, supporting a Blackmagic CInema Camera
Came-Prodigy Gimbal with V-Mount Battery Plate

The PRODIGY gimbal has a maximum payload of 15lbs (7kg) and will support large setups including the Sony FS7, BlackMagic Design URSA Mini, Red Raven, Red Epic, Canon C100/C300, Canon 5D Series/ 7D Series etc.

CAME-TV V-mount battery plate with battery attached

The CAME-TV V-Mount Battery Adapter is available now for $48 US. If you don’t already have some V-mount batteries you can use, CAME-TV also sells the following batteries:

CAME-TV Compact V-Mount Li-Ion Battery 65Wh (F65W): +$148.00
CAME-TV Compact V-Mount Li-Ion Battery 95Wh (F95W): +$158.00
CAME-TV Compact V-Mount Li-Ion Battery 120Wh (F120W): +$168.00
CAME-TV Compact V-Mount Li-Ion Battery 130Wh (F130W): +$178.00

It’s another thing to have to lift when you’re using the gimbal admittedly, but CAME’s V-lock mount does look to be a tidy integrated solution to powering a mounted camera and accessories. If you’ve ever had to operate a gimbal with wires dangling all over the place, you’ll know it’s not much fun – so well worth considering if you’re an owner-operator, especially at this price.

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