Cinemartin Loyal LT field monitor line discontinued


I recently reviewed the feature rich and affordable Cinemartin Loyal LT 7″ field monitor and today was notified the Loyal LT line has been discontinued. Below is the press release from Cinemartin.

Cinemartin 23 March 2017
Cinemartin Loyal LT series of monitors will cease production as of May 2017. All the LT line has been bought by a big customer (we cannot disclose more info about the sell).
The Last (3rd batch) has already been sold out and will be delivered by the end of April.
Current (4th batch) is now available for purchase and will be our last one with very limited units. Unfortunately a little increase of price could be imposed. We will cease all sales of LT series on April or before if we sell all the 4th batch. If you have plans to purchase a Loyal LT 7″ or LT S4K do so before this final 4th batch is sold out.
 This isn’t the end of the company only the end of the Loyal LT product line. If you’ve purchased the monitors Cinemartin is honoring the warranty for it’s full term. For purchasing info and more visit Cinemartin.

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