Coyote Peterson and Mark Lavins from “Brave Wilderness” on the Go Creative Show

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On this weeks Go Creative Show, host Ben Concoli talks to Coyote Peterson and Mark Lavins, the brains and personalities behind the massively successful nature shows on the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel. Brave Wilderness is the hugely popular YouTube channel featuring host Coyote Peterson receiving devastating stings and bites from the most dangerous creatures on our planet. But there’s much more to this internet phenomenon. They discuss their production techniques, camera and lens choices while in the wilderness, and turning viral fame into a successful brand.

You can listen to the full episode above.

Topics Covered
How Brave Wilderness started with a love of filmmaking
Working with the Discovery Channel
How the attention span for online videos is getting longer
What is clickbait and why Brave Wilderness is not
Balancing education and entertainment
Life after a viral video
The lighting and camera choices for wildlife production
Where the Brave Wilderness brand is headed
Could this lead to a full length feature documentary?
Why an entertainment attorney is the most important person on your team
Coyote Peterson on Conan O’Brian
and much much more!

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