Blueshape show Power Station and new Granite Mini batteries at BVE 2017

At the BVE show, Italian battery maker Blueshape were demonstrating their new Power Station. This is a rugged case with four battery plates inside that can be used to combine the power of the attached V-Lock batteries.

The Blueshape power station

It can give 14V, 28V and 48V power to connected gear in the field. When using the right batteries it can even power high draw LED lights like the ARRI Skypanel.

The Power Station has multiple power outputs

The Power Station can output either 28V or 48V, while at the same time being able to supply 14V. It can also be used as a battery charger if you plug it into mains power.

The Blueshape Power Station

Also new were the company’s Granite Mini broadcast batteries. These are shrunken versions of their full sized Granite batteries, with similar capacities but in a much smaller form factor.

The new Granite Mini (L) with a regular sized Granite battery

Like other Blueshape batteries they feel well made and have a bit of weight to them.

The Granite Mini will come in 85 and 140 Wh capacities

The Granite Mini also has Blueshape’s Granite Link technology that allows for wireless monitoring of the battery status using the company’s free iOS app. This is very neat and gives the user lots of data about the condition of the battery, including number of charge cycles, the load on the battery and the temperature of the cells.

The Blueshape Granite Link app

For more details check out the Blueshape website.

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