Zacuto wants to know how did you become a filmmaker? Tell them by entering the “My Story Film Competition”

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Zacuto have announced the “My Story Film Competition”. The whole competition revolves around making a short film that is less than 60 seconds that explains why or how you got into filmmaking. Whether you were inspired by a certain film or by listening to a filmmaker speaker, Zacuto want to hear your story.

You can use any genre, style, and storytelling device you like. Zacuto are looking for an innovative concept, imaginative storytelling, and most importantly creative execution.

So, how did you become a filmmaker? What’s your story?

#mystorycompetition how to enter

Step 1 – Create your <60 second "My Story" masterpiece! Step 2 – Upload it to Vimeo with the title “FILM TITLE, YOUR NAME – #MyStoryCompetition” and add “zacuto” to the video tags. Step 3 – Join this group and add your video. Step 4 – Your video will be approved the following morning M-F. Once your video is approved your submission is complete. Step 5 – Watch other peoples videos and wait to see who wins!

Use #MyStoryCompetition to share this competition and your video on social.

Winners will be selected by a panel of Zacuto and some sponsor (KYNO, Vid-Atlantic) representatives. Winners will be notified and then announced on or by April 14th, 2017.

For all the terms and conditions of the entry process visit http://www.zacuto.com/my-story-film-competition

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