ARRI Alexa Mini 2nd birthday at BVE 2017 – no plans for an immediate replacement

The Arri Alexa Mini celebrates it’s second birthday today and to mark the event we sang it a song (literally) and talked to product manager Michael Jonas at the BVE show in London today.

The Alexa Mini turns 2

Newsshooter broke the news of the camera’s launch back in 2015 with a video interview with Michael in the exact same place as today’s. In the intervening two years it has become an incredibly popular camera that is just at home on a Hollywood set, or a small documentary production.

Newsshooter at BVE 2015: ARRI ALEXA MINI from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

The camera development is still continuing and a new SUP 5.0 (firmware in ARRI speak) is due around the time of the NAB show in April this year. It should bring a raft of improvements that make the camera even easier to operate.

I also asked Michael if there were any plans to release a successor the to camera in the near future. He told us that it was unlikely given that the camera’s current popularity.

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