Core SWX announce TorchLED Bolt 250 camera top light

torchled250 featured

The NAB announcements have begun! Quick out of the starting blocks are Core SWX with the introduction of the Bolt 250 LED top light.

The fixture draws 13W but the company claims it offers output equivalent to a 250W lamp. That’s a lot of light strapped to the top of your camera, apparently made possible by the company’s refractory lenses.

The Bolt 250’s refractory lenses help maximise the fixture’s output.

The Bolt 250’s colour temperature is adjustable between tungsten and daylight balanced output, and the lamp also features 0-100% dimming. These functions can also be controlled remotely by a dedicated nine-channel remote, and should you find yourself in posession of 90 Bolt 250s, up to 10 lamps can be assigned to each channel.

The BOlt 250 features independent adjustments for dimming and colour temperature, and an integrated battery plate.

The light weighs 0.6lbs (270g) and comes in a kit that includes a 1/4-20 shoe mount, a powertap cable for drawing power from a standard 14.4V brick battery, a battery (Sony L-Series compatible) and a charger.

No word on price or availability just yet but the company will be at NAB on booth C10248, where the Bolt 250 will be on show alongside the company’s existing battery offerings.

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