Protect your Canon 5D Mk IV with the LockPort 5DM4 DUAL

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LockCircle have released the LockPort 5DM4 DUAL which has been developed to help avoid damaging the mini HDMI port on the camera body. As we all know, HDMI connectors are not very robust and can be easily damaged. What is worse is when the actual HDMI port gets damaged on your camera body. This is often very expensive to get repaired, and can leave you without your camera for an extended period of time.

The LockPort 5DM4 DUAL protects the fragile HDMI/USB outputs by using a universal clamp that locks to the camera . The clamp is fitted with a smart mini to full-size HDMI and a micro to full-size USB 3.0 adapter.

The LockPort 5DM4 plate has been designed so that it wont interfere with your day to day shooting. It will fit on any tripod head, baseplate, sliding plate, or other camera support platform.

The HDMI/USB 3.0 adapters has gold plated contacts (high speed transfer rate / 4K tested) and the full-size female outputs.

The LockPort 5DM4 DUAL is now shipping for Euro 129.00/ USD 139.00

LockPort 5DM4 DUAL highlights
– Works with Canon 5D Mark IV cameras.

– Highly requested by Canon 5D Mark IV still and motion professionals.

– Saves the “expensive to repair” mini HDMI and micro USB 3.0 ports.

– Full-Size HDMI and USB 3.0 outputs allows you to use stronger standard cables.

– Standard size HDMI/USB 3.0 plugs locks securely in the socket – no signal loose!

– 90° REAR output for better cable layout on your rig/studio set-up.

– Gold plated contacts, high-speed transfer rate and 4K tested.

– Rock solid UNIVERSAL ultra-thin base clamp, can work on every plate, head, sliding plate, rig, support out there.

– Use all the camera screws already available.

– No battery door interference.

– Ready in a few seconds, instant set-up.

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