Celere show working version of world’s fastest full-frame 18.5 mm cine lens and announce rear mount filters

Celere are a relatively new brand on the cinema lens scene, but it hasn’t stopped them from launching the world’s fastest full-frame 18.5mm cine lens. At the BSC Expo they were showing a working sample of the Celere HS 18mm T1.5 alongside their four other HS cine lenses. The 18.5mm has been shown in prototype form before but it was good to see the near final product.

Perhaps more interesting was an announcement from the company that applies to all their HS lenses. They now allow for 40.5mm filters to be screwed in to the rear of the lens, especially useful for owners of cameras like REDs or Blackmagic’s URSA Mini 4.6K that do not have built-in ND filters. This potentially gives users the ability to do away with front mounted filters and matte boxes in situations where keeping the camera small are advantageous. Obvious applications include drone and underwater work. It is worth noting that just how Celere compensate for potential focus shift that adding an additional piece of glass to the rear of the lens introduces is unclear at this stage.

Another partial announcement is that Celere are working on interchangeable fronts with coatings that match a ‘major’ cine zoom lens maker. This is a really interesting development and one we’ll be keen to follow up on if it comes to fruition.

In the video above we also discuss the history of the brand and what they are trying to achieve. All Celere HS lenses have an interchangeable mount that can be swapped between Canon EF, Sony E-mount and PL mount.

For more info on all these lenses visit the Hanse Innotech website.

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