Three button Kinogrip Multi+ wooden handgrip gives power zoom control to Sony a7 and a6000 series users

KG Multi 2

Kinogrip have just launched the Kinogrip Multi+, a new wooden handgrip that has three stainless steel buttons. Based on the existing Grenoble grip, it has a trigger button on top and two new, smaller ones on the front. These two buttons have different functions depending on what camera and cable you attach. So far there are three basic versions of the Multi+.

The Kinogrip Multi+

The Multi+ PWM is for the Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera and there’s a special cable that connects to the camera’s HD15 communication port. Once connected you can go into the camera menu and assign which features the buttons control. ISO and White balance are perhaps the most obvious choices. By pressing the PWM 1 and PWM 2 buttons on the grip you can cycle through menu options; for example, if you choose ISO, it will run through 200, 400 and 800, before cycling back to ISO 200.

The Multi+ PWM cable for the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

The Multi+ LANC version controls the trigger and servo zoom on cameras that have a regular LANC interface. Press the top button to go wide and the bottom to zoom in.

The Multi+ a7S Zoom version connects via cable to Sony’s Multi interface connector on the a7S, a7S II, a7R II, a6000, a6300 or a6500 and offers the same zoom function when an appropriate Sony power zoom is attached (the most obvious lenses being the 18-105mm f4, 28-135mm f4 and new 18-110mm f4 power zooms).

Like other Kinogrips, the Multi+ grips are hand-carved in the USA from walnut, maple, cherry, and mahogany wood and can be ordered as either right or left handed. It can also be used with existing standard Kinogrip cables for triggering.

The Multi+ costs $549 for a grip and one of the custom cables. Additional custom cables are $150.

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