Join the Revolution: Kesslercrane introduce new Digital Rev head for motion control

Kesslercrane have just posted a video detailing the company’s new Digital Revolution motion control head, launched just before Christmas. For followers of the brand it may look similar to an original Revolution head at first glance, but this is a much more modern design with full digital control. To control the head you can connect it to a Second Shooter Plus controller to control and program pan and tilt moves. This also allows control using Kessler’s kOS software on IPAD, Mac OS and Windows. If you add a lens motor to the setup you can also control focus, iris or zoom at the same time.

Additionally, you can connect the Digital Control Center (DCC) using a joystick for more tactile control – something that makes real-time moves much easier to control – although in this configuration you still need a Second Shooter Plus, to act as a motor controller.

The whole setup can be powered using Kessler’s Maglink power system, or external power.

Designed for payloads up to 20 lbs, it can be mounted over or under-slung on a wide range of jibs, dollies, slider and tripods. The clever head design means that the camera platform can be raised, or lowered, to best accommodate different camera packages. Taller cameras like the Canon C300 mkII are no problem.

Prices for the Digital Revolution head start at $799.95. For more details visit the Kesslercrane website.

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