Metabones introduce cine style positive locking EF to E-mount Speedbooster and Smart adapters, plus updates of standard versions

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Metabones have just launched four new EF to E-mount adapters. The new EF to E CINE Smart Adapter and EF to E CINE Speed Booster ULTRA feature Cine style positive-locking EF mounts. These work in a similar way to the positive locking mounts found on the Sony FS7 II, Canon C500, or Metabones’ own EF-FZ Cine Smart Adapter.

EF to E CINE Speed Booster ULTRA with positive-locking EF mount

Like a PL mount, but designed for Canon EF instead, they firmly locking the lens in place and preventing any wiggling of the lens when you focus it. This is especially useful when using a follow focus or remote focus system. The lens aperture is still controlled from the camera body and not on the adapter.

The Metabones EF to E CINE Smart Adapter

The adapters have a rubber gasket on their rear to protect the E-mount connections from dust and moisture. There is a new switch on the adapter that controls the in-body stabilisation (IBIS) system on selected Sony cameras. Another new feature is the addition of a small LED to indicate the operation mode of the adapter. There is also an assignable custom button on the adapter that a7 series and a6300/6500 cameras can make use of.

There is a new rubber gasket on rear lens mount

Also new are the EF to E Smart Adapter V and EF to E Speed Booster ULTRA II. These are essentially the same adapters but without the locking feature. These look more like the previous models and are a more obvious choice for stills shooters.

Of course, having a lens securely mounted to the adapter is only half the battle. In order to stop the whole adapter and lens setup wiggling requires the adapter to be securely mounted to the camera itself. All the adapters have an Arca Swiss compatible lens foot on them as standard to secure them to your rig. In addition, all of the adapters have been redesigned to work with the Sony FS7 II’s locking E-mount, which when used with the Cine versions should be a very secure combination.

All the adapters come with a lens foot to secure the adapter to your rig

The new Speedboosters use the same Caldwell Photographic designed optics as the previous model. This means that you gain around a stop in your exposure when using a full-frame lens on an APS-C/Super 35 sized sensor.

The new Cine adapters will be available in February. The EF to E CINE Smart Adapter will cost USD 449 plus taxes, duties and shipping. The EF to E CINE Speed Booster ULTRA will be offered at the same time for USD 699 plus taxes, duties and shipping.

Availability and pricing of EF to E Smart Adapter V and EF to E Speed Booster ULTRA II is not yet known.

There is also no word on whether the positive locking EF lens solution will be made for other lens mounts. Hopefully there is a M4/3 version in the works for the upcoming Panasonic GH5.

Product Specification:
Canon EF-E mount T CINE Speed Booster ULTRA (MB_SPEF-E-BT3)
Dimension / Weight (H:91cm W:88cm D:26.5cm / 242g), Suggested Retail Price USD699

Canon EF-E mount T CINE Smart Adapter (MB_EF-E-BT6)
Dimension / Weight (H:91cm W:88cm D:31cm / 207g), Suggested Retail Price USD449

Canon EF-E mount T Speed Booster ULTRA II (model number MB_SPEF-E-BT3)
Dimension / Weight (TBD), Suggested Retail Price TBD

Canon EF-E mount T Smart Adapter (MB_EF-E-BT5)
Dimension / Weight (TBD), Suggested Retail Price TBD

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