CES 2017: See a Sony a7R II stripped naked

At the CES show there were no new announcements on the camera front from Sony. What they did have on their booth was a service and clean facility for customers with Sony a6000 and a7 series cameras. In addition they were also doing full camera strip down demonstrations to show visitors just how complex these small wonders are.

Disassembling the Sony a7R II at CES

Lok Cheung, from our sister site Photo Gear News, shot a video showing the process of disassembling the flagship a7R II. Needless to say don’t try this at home.

It was particularly interesting to see how tightly packed the camera is inside and how the vibration reduction system for the sensor is held in place.

Some Youtube commenters have questioned how Lok was allowed into the room while the teardown was happening? Rest assured this was Sony’s own demo a7R II and not a customer camera.

The teardown was for demonstration purposes to provide an insight into just how complex these little cameras are. The video isn’t representative of the usual Sony repair process. Clearly the tech wouldn’t have let anyone touch, let alone wobble, a sensor of a customer camera.


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