Panasonic GH5 video sample round-up

Griffin Hammond, a documentary filmmaker in New York City covering politics for Bloomberg Television was lucky enough to shoot with a pre-production version of the new GH5 and you can see his 4K 60P Video “HAND-CUT”.

Nick Driftwood has also posted a rather quick ‘straight outta the box’ test of the Lumix GH5 using an array of old glass and Panasonic lenses, including the Leica 12-60 DG Vario Elmarit ASPH. Nick mentions that the footage is totally ungraded, and pretty much unedited.

The footage was shot in 24p 4K using a Rec709L Profile. Nick said it was too early to make a full assessment of the cameras capabilities but he did see an extra stop of DR at 3200 ISO.

Below you can watch some other videos about the new Panasonic GH5, including one from New Zealand born photographer Ross Grieve. Ross tells you in detail about the ‘6K PHOTO’ mode and how he uses it. The ‘6K PHOTO’ mode is a high speed burst shooting function that cuts a still image out of a 4:3 or 3:2 video footage with approx.18-megapixel (approx. 6000 x 3000 effective pixel count) that the 6K image manages.

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