Nit picking? MustHD’s new 7 inch sunlight-visible monitor with 2200 nit brightness

MustHD, a field monitor manufacturer which has been the OEM producer for other companies for years, is bringing out a new line of monitors under their own name.

The MustHD Hyper-Brite M703S is a 7″ sunlight-visible 1920×1200 monitor which will take a 4K input and runs off brick batteries.

The monitor has 3GSDI and HDMI loop-through inputs, an aluminum chassis and boasts 2,200cd/m² (2,200 nits) brightness, which they claim is the brightest available. To put this into perspective the popular Atomos Flame series recorder/monitors have a claimed brightness of 1,500 nits, and an iPhone6s is somewhere around 550 nits.

Like other high brightness panels it is an IPS design, not an OLED.

MustHD M703S
MustHD M703S

They had the monitor displayed under a very bright industrial shop light, and the image was very clear. The screen is made from Gorilla Glass, which they claim resists breakage. Aside from some minor reflections, the screen was visible from any angle.


The monitor has focus peaking in red, green, or blue outlines; false color, histogram, and zebra exposure aids; and a connection for a tally light. It also has audio meters, aspect markers, and aspect ratio cropping.

It will be available at the end of January 2017 for $1,499 US, with a battery plate costing $40 more.  An HDMI-only model will be $100 less.

Specification from MustHD:

• 1920 x 1200 7″ IPS Panel
• Luminance of 2200cd/m² (2,200 nits)
• HDMI & Composite inputs
• 4K/60Hz 3G-SDI/HDMI Input/Loop-through Support
• 4K Support with support under the 4K
• Focus Assist / Peaking Color Rgb
• False Color for Under/Over Luminance Warning
• Histogram and Zebra
• Pixel-to-Pixel
• Volume Bar
• R/G/B/Gray-only display
• H/V Mirror
• 3 Button Programmable Wired Remote
• Four 1/4″-20 Thread Mounting Holes
• Speaker & Headphone Output
• Tally

You can find out more on the MustHD website.

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