Interbee 2016: Technical Farm Panasonic DVX200, Sony FS5, C300, C100 shoulder mount kit


At the Interbee show in Japan, Technical Farm were showing their new adjustable shoulder mount kit for smaller cameras such as the Panasonic DVX200, Sony FS5, Canon C100 and Canon C300.


The setup is a combination of a chest brace and a shoulder support, similar to other some options on the market. It does not try to balance the camera on the shoulder in the same way as newer Zacuto and Vocas rigs, instead relying on the brace to take some of the weight of the camera. The advantage is that this allows the camera operator to easily see the built-in LCD screen which is often placed in a forward position on these cameras – the disadvantage being that it requires more effort to hold the rig for long periods and it can take more adjustment to point the camera downwards.


The camera sits on a plate that has 15mm rods and that attaches to a small riser plate, which in turn has a quick release bracket that allows attachment of the support pad, or a tripod. A simple Noga arm is used to attach the support pad that can be adjusted to rest anywhere on your body. At the rear of the rig there is a contoured shoulder pad that attaches to the rails using a rod riser. Overall I felt it was well thought out and comfortable to use, although a similar setup would also be easy enough to replicate with other manufacturers’ gear.


Like all Technical Farm products it is hand made in limited numbers. I found the weight balance was nice when using a Panasonic DVX200 and it is certainly very easy to use and adjust. The kit is not shipping yet and there is currently no indication of pricing.

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