Interbee 2016: LUME CUBE and LIFE LITE – Tiny portable LED lights with impressive output

At the Interbee show in Japan, LUME CUBE were displaying their  tiny, portable LED cube light. The lights were originally launched on Kickstarter around a year ago and have since gained a strong following with filmmakers.


The CUBE has an output of 750lx at a distance of a meter which is quite impressive for such a tiny light source. Up to 100 CUBE lights can be controlled at once via wireless bluetooth syncing, and are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.


It is best to think of the LUME CUBES as the GoPros of the lighting world. They are waterproof, compact and are handy to have just sitting around in your camera bag. They are so small and lightweight that they they can even be attached to drones to provide a lighting source in the sky.


LUME CUBE are also launching a new smaller and lighter version called the LIFE LITE that will be about 70% as bright as its bigger sibling. They hope to have the LIFE LITE available by February or March next year for around $49US.


A single LUME CUBE retails for $79US and there are a range of mounting solutions available.

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