Interbee 2016: LEDGO LG-D600C Compact LED Fresnel Light

At the Interbee show in Japan, LEDGO were showing their new LG-D600C compact LED fresnel light. We’ve previously looked at the company’s other HMI replacement LED lights and the new LG-D600C is a bi-colour version of the LG-D600 light that was previously only available in 3200 or 5600k versions.


The light draws just 60W of power allowing it to easily be run off a V-lock camera battery for extended periods of time. By utilising a fresnel design the light can go from a flood angle of 45 degrees all the way down to a spot angle of just 10 degrees. It can also be rapidly transformed into a soft light source with optional diffusion domes.


The LG-D600C weighs in at 3.1kg and has physical dimensions of 17x28x14.5cm (6.7x11x5.7″), which should make it very convenient for crews who are travelling a lot. The battery mounts securely to your light stand using a cabled V-lock plate.


Along with being colour adjustable from 3200k to 5600k the light is fully dimmable and can also be controlled via wi-fi using an optional remote control. There is also a LEDGO WiFi Control box that can be purchased so you can control the light remotely using a iOS app.


While I was unable to test the photo-metrics of the light at the show but LEDGO claim a CRI of 95 for their original 5600k LG-D600 and an output of 11910lx at a distance of 1 meter when the light is in the flood position. As the LG-D600C is bi-colour I would suspect that the figures would be lower on the new model.


The standard light comes with a power adapter, barn doors and a soft carrying bag. Optional accessories include a soft box, V-mount battery plate, diffusion hoods, as well as a wi-fi remote control and WiFi Control box.

Although we obviously can’t test its durability yet, the LG-D600S looks on paper like a good small HMI replacement for news and documentary crews who travel a lot. Perhaps the best part about the light is its price, it has just started shipping for around $780 US. For more information head over to the LEDGO webpage.

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