Filmpower’s Nebula 4100 Lite brushless gimbal and new Gyro travel jib are affordable options for filmmakers

Filmpower were the first to popularise the single handed brushless gimbal with the Nebula 4000 model a couple of years ago. Now they have updated the design with the all new 4100 Lite. This, as the name suggests, is a lightweight single handle gimbal designed for smaller cameras up to 1.2kg in weight.


We first saw this gimbal in protoype form at NAB earlier in the year, but it is now available to buy. There are many improvements over the previous 4000 model. The balancing is now completely tool less, the gimbal operation seems much improved, there is a swappable battery and the camera sits in a half cage that attaches via a quick release. Compared to competing models like the CameTV Single or Pilotfly H2 the 4100 Lite grip is clearly more plastic feeling and there is much greater use of polycarbonate instead of metal. This does however have the advantage of making things lighter and easier to transport. The travel case of the Nebula 4100 Lite is a very nice touch and reminiscent of the DJI OSMO’s. Perhaps most impressive is the price. At $648 US it is certainly one of the most affordable options out there.

The company also launched a new travel jib system designed to work with their Nebula 4200 brushless gimbal. The idea is to use the gimbal as a head on the jib, controlling it from a small remote controller at the operator’s fingertips. What’s nice about this system is that it is very lightweight and makes good use of the lightweight Nebula design. Again what makes this system really interesting is the price. The jib is priced at $299 US on its own, or $424 with the remote as well.




For more info visit the Filmpower website.

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