IBC 2016: Came-TV show new mounting system for Optimus brushless gimbal, Sailfish RC car


At the IBC show Came-TV were showing a new accessory for the their popular Optimus brushless gimbal. The adapter plate allows the mounting of the gimbal to tripods, car mounts, jibs or any other suitable platform via regular mounting screws. It costs a reasonable $88 US. This increases the versatility of the gimbal and essentially turns it into a mini remote controlled head. The competing DJI Ronin-M has always had this mounting option, but its good to see Came-TV adding this function to the Optimus as well.

Newsshooter IBC 2016: Came-TV mounting system for Optimus brushless gimbal from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

The quick release side of the mounting system
The quick release side of the mounting system

The adapter consists of two parts. A round docking connector that replaces the Optimus handgrip, and a quick release plate that the docking connector attaches to. Swapping between handheld and mounted configurations takes seconds. Being able to move the gimbal between different setups in a hurry should be great for solo shooters looking to work quickly.

Also on show was their new Sailfish RC car for gimbals. Like other similar buggies it has an isolation platform to which you can attach the gimbal. The car has a claimed top speed of 37mph and weighs in at 17kg. It is compatible with most of the current Came-TV gimbal lineup including the Optimus. Cost is $2988.


For info visit the Came-TV website.

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