Photokina 2016: SanDisk unveils a whopping 1TB SDXC card

SanDisK are pushing the storage envelope with the announcement of a new 1TB terabyte (TB) SDXC™ card. The prototype has been officially unveiled at Photokina in Germany. With more and more cameras shooting at higher resolutions and frame rates there is a real need for high capacity recording media.

The card is not yet in production and no timescale was given for when it might be available to buy. Even though full production may be some way off, the card on show at Photokina was fully working and was demonstrated to our team.

16 years ago the company introduced a 64MB SD card and now the new card has a whopping 156x that capacity. 1TB is more storage than most personal computers ship with. The ability for filmmakers to now record un interrupted for long periods of time is indeed welcome news.

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