IBC 2016: Tilta’s Gravity G1 is a classy single hand operation brushless gimbal

At the IBC show in Amsterdam Tilta were showing their new Gravity G1 brushless gimbal. We’ve seen it before in prototype form, but it is now in finished form. The solo handle device uses the technology from Tilta’s larger Gravity gimbal but shrinks it down for use with smaller cameras. It has tool less setup and balancing, with a nice design that feels very solid.


In common with most other gimbals in its class it has several modes of operation that allow the operator to follow the subject, or lock a specific axis. The construction of the gimbal is very solid and it has a comfortable wooden grip that gives it a high quality appearance.


It is powered by a battery in the grip and this does make the handle larger than some other competing gimbals. That said, the slightly larger size of the Gravity G1 does make it look and feel more like a serious production tool. The handle also has ARRI style rosettes to which you can attach an additional wooden handle for better grip.


For more details keep an eye on the Tilta website.

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