IBC 2016 – Offhollywood RED Modules

At the IBC Show in Amsterdam, Offhollywood were showcasing a range of modules for RED DSMC2 cameras, called OMODs. According to Offhollywood there is no one module that can cater to everyones needs, so they set about making four different versions that can be inter swapped depending on the users requirements.


The OMOD XLR is designed to add audio functionality to RED cameras, which is especially handy for those solo operators or small crews who may not be recording sound separately. The OMOD XLR gives you two XLR inputs with push to operate controls, high pass filters, per channel line / mic level control and per channel Phantom power (+48v). AES or analoge audio input. There are also LEDs for peak warning indicators. The OMOD XLR is expected to start shipping in November for a RRP of $2499 US.


The OMOD POE is a module that adds wireless lens control for use with RTmotion’s MK3.1 hand controller and Thumbwheels. You can also connect up to three RTmotion lens motors for PL lens control. POE allows control of focus and iris of EF lenses over RF at ranges up to 1500 feet, making it ideal for drones. The OMOD POE is already shipping for a RRP of $2499.


OMOD COMMAND is a highly advanced module that adds AMBIENT ACN wireless timecode, internal genlock generator, powerful dual band WIFI, advanced signal path options and wireless color processing functionality with three independent HDSDI outputs. Command, Control and Communications between the camera, cinematographer and crew on the connected set. Live color grade to the camera with Pomfort LiveGrade, Qtake, Colourlab and Codex Live. The DSMC2’s HDMI monitor path is converted to 10-bit HDSDI. CDL/1024 1D LUTs and 33x33x33 3D LUTs with ACES compliance, all in real-time, wireless to the camera. Real-time resolution and frame-rate conversions including 1080 60i output. Output the leading HDR display standard, SMPTE 2084, for real-time HDR images while shooting in addition to simultaneous monitoring standard dynamic range (SDR). The OMOD COMMAND is expected to start shipping in September/October for a RRP of $4499 US.

If you need to integrate one or more of these modules, Offhollywood offers a OMOD COMMAND RT that also incorporates the functionality of the OMOD POE and OMOD COMMAND. Another option incorporates the OMOD XLR with the OMOD POE, called the OMOD XLR POE. COMMAND RT will be available in September/October for a RRP of $4999 US. The POE XLR will retail for $3499, and it should start shipping soon.

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