IBC 2016 – IDX show new battery chargers

At the IBC Show in Amsterdam IDX were showing their D-tap power charger that works with their new Duo Compact batteries. The Duo Compact batteries have an advanced 3 pin D-tap charger port built in. The third pin allows the battery to communicate with the charger for safe charging operation.


The compact charger will fully charge batteries in the same amount of time as one of IDX’s larger two or four channel chargers. The small chargers are a great option for shooters who are travelling a lot and don’t want to carry around a larger two or four channel charger.


IDX also had a new dual channel charger which features a new mode called Life Plus. What this does is charge the batteries to around 95% instead of full capacity. The logic is that the to charge the final 5% of a battery to reach 100% is very power consuming, charging the battery to just 95% makes the charging process quicker and it’s better for the environment. The other benefit of not charging the battery to 100% is that you will prolong the batteries life.


The D-tap charger will be available in October for around £130. The new dual charger will ship towards the end of the year, but there is no indication just yet about pricing.

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