IBC 2016 – An end to gimbal setup problems? Varavon show auto balancing gimbal

At the IBC Show in Amsterdam, Varavon were showing a auto balancing brushless gimbal that works with cameras up to 8kg, such as the Sony FS7 and Canon C300. The gimbal balances camera setups automatically without the user having to do anything. Motors on each axis perfectly position the camera when a lens is changed – even from a prime to a large zoom, the system automatically compensates for the slightest change in weight.


A sensor measures the camera balance and automatically makes corrections to all three axis. The Varavon gimbal is very much a prototype at this stage, but even so this is truly exciting technology. It’s every gimbal operators dream to have a system that automatically balances a camera in real time.


The gimbal is still quite large and not suited to flying on drones just yet. Varavon hope to have the product available to buy by the end of this year. Before you try and jump online and place an order, the expected retail price will be around $20,000 US. The company told us it they are working on a smaller version for the future.


Like any new technology the price is bound to come down over time. For more keep an eye on the Varavon website.

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