IBC 2016: Wooden Camera’s Ultra Arm is modular and flexible

At IBC in Amsterdam, Wooden Camera is also showing off a new Ultra Arm that is immensely flexible and modular. Many of the cheaper Magic Arms can break easily after a while, but with this rig you should be able to replace only the part you need to, as it uses essentially a ram ball mount that can easily pop out

Wooden Camera Ultra Arm on table

The modularity of the Ultra Arm means that you can use it in many different setups, and almost instantly change out from 1/4-20 to 3/8 at any time.

The Ultra Arm should be shipping in about two weeks at a price of $95 for the small version, or $165, $175, and $185 for the larger versions. You can find out more over at the Wooden Camera site.

Wooden Camera Ultra Arm on Rig

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