IBC 2016 – Brightcast shows a solution for mounting multiple LED Flex lights

Brightcast were showing a mounting solution that allows you to attach multiple LED flexible lights on one large foldable panel. One of the main benefits of using flexible LED lights is because of their low weight. Brightcast has a range of different panel sizes that have velcro on one side so you can attach a large number of flex lights.

DSC04408 (1)

Brighcast have designed their mounting panels to come in standard sizes so you can use a variety of third party

DSC04403 (1)

The mounting panels should be able to work with not only Brightcasts flexible LED panels, but also similar options from other manufacturers. The mounting panels should be available soon, but there was no indication on pricing.

DSC04417 (1)

DSC04406 (1)

DSC04404 (1)

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