IBC 2016: Aputure just made their Amaran LED panel 25% brighter with the Tri-8s

Aputure has updated their 672 LED panel with a new 888 LED version, the Amaran T888. The T888, or Tri-8s LED, takes a lot that was great about the previous version, and adds a bunch more LEDs to get a noticeable increase in brightness. This means that you’re getting a lot more power in the same size panel (which is about 9″, or the size of an iPad). There will be three versions of the panel: spot, bi-color, and flood. They’ve also done an interesting staggered pattern using their logo would should help with multiple shadows that are common with LEDs.

Aputure Amaran Tri-8s Front

Here are some of the main specs and what’s new:

  • 888 high TLCI/QCS LEDs (honeycomb design like Lightstorm LS1s)
  • 25% brighter
  • aircraft-grade aluminum body with PVC frame
  • improved battery mount connection
  • improved LCD readout on back
  • handles on back
  • D-Tap for alternate power source

Aputure Amaran Tri-8s Close Up

You can power this light from Sony batteries, or from V-mount/Anton Bauer right from the rear of the panel. In addition they’ve made the front significantly more durable, so they should be able to take a beating much better.

The T888 will be available sometime in the next couple months, at a price of $350-$400.

Shot and edited by Scott Karlins.

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