IBC 2016: Aputure Light Storm 120d is the daylight version of their 120t LED

Aputure is finally showing a virtually finished version of their daylight LED, in the form factor of their previous Light Storm 120t. The light was supposed to be shipping a few months ago, but it’s now set to arrive sometime over the next month. The new 120d should have similar specs as the 120t, with a TCLI and CRI of 97+.

The light features a dual system where the head unit and the controller box are separated, which is designed to keep the head lighter (but some would likely prefer to have the control unit right on the head). In addition the controller box can take V-mount batteries.

Aputure 120d Controller Box
Aputure 120d Controller Box

Having used the 120t version, there is a ton of power and the light quality is nice, but the Bowen-S mount means you’ll have to have a lot of photography accessories (like soft boxes) instead of those made for video lighting. As these are geared for a lower-end audience, that may not be an issue, but if you just want to put a piece of diffusion on the light, it becomes slightly more difficult without some sort of barn door. Again, for people who have photo accessories, this may actually be a positive.

The 120d should be shipping over the next month, at a price of $595 for the base kit, and with the kit case, $645.

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