SmallHD announces the 13″ 1303 HDR and 1303 Studio production monitors

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SmallHD has announced two new 13” production monitors. The first is called the 1303 HDR and it features a bright 1500 nit display (viewable in full sunlight), and provides HDR (high dynamic range) viewing capabilities. The second is the 1303 Studio, and it is designed for use in more controlled lighting environments. The 1303 Studio features a 400-nit display and provides the same feature set, minus the high brightness and HDR capabilities of the 1303 HDR.

According to smallHD the 1303 HDR and Studio feature an extremely wide viewing angle with little to no visible color shift. The 1303 HDR also utilizes an optically bonded glass screen with an anti-reflective coating for added protection while eliminating glare.

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The 1303 HDR builds on the HDR technology that SmallHD developed for its 17”, 24” and 32” Production Monitors, but in a much smaller package. The 1303 HDR looks to be a good field monitor for small crews, who don’t require a large monitor, but need something bigger than your typical 5/7″ on camera display.

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The new monitors can display a 1920×1080 image on 10bit IPS LCD panels, with a 4-up signal view. The 1303 HDR offers a high color range, capable of reproducing the P3 color gamut. Plus it provides an HDR Preview function with built-in tools for real-time monitoring and customizable camera gamma settings.

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Both 1303 HDR and Studio can support any 3D LUTs using SmallHD’s ColorFlow technology. Previously created look-up tables can be used on-set, or LUTS can be loaded via the monitor’s full-size SD card slot.

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The new monitors can be fed via either HDMI or SDI inputs and can output to either format as well. Cross conversion takes place in a mere single frame.

Like the rest of the SmallHD Production and Studio monitors, the 13” versions are extremely rugged—built with a solid, milled aluminum chassis. To deal with on-set realities, even the 3mm thick screen impact protector can be replaced in seconds.

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For quick deployment the monitors can be used at home on a rack, table-top, arm, C-stand or cart. The feature numerous ¼-20 mounting options all around the frames, plus the RapidRail system that can provide quick mounting of various accessories like wireless receivers and focus systems.

Power is via 12VDC through a 4-pin XLR connector. An optional onboard Anton/Bauer Gold mount or V-mount battery plate with a 4-pin XLR connector can be attached. A video receiver (Teradek, Paralinx, etc) can be mounted to the RapidRail system and powered by the LEMO accessory connection on the back of the monitor or D-TAP through the battery bracket.

MSRP for the 1303 Studio is $2800 US and the 1303 HDR is $3500 US. Both monitors will be available on SmallHD.com and through SmallHD authorized resellers in Fall 2016. For more information visit: smallhd.com. The new monitors will be at IBC, and Newsshooter will be there to check them out in person.

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