BIRTV 2016: Gudsen shows off the MOZA Tank stabilized RC camera car

During the recent BIRTV show in China, Gudsen showed off their brand new remote-controlled camera car, MOZA Tank. By combining their MOZA Lite 2 gimbal with a vibration-reducing mounting plate, the Tank is capable of getting extreme low-angle tracking shots, especially those that could be dangerous for a human operator.

Gudsen MOZA Tank Camera Car
MOZA Tank remote-controlled camera car with the MOZA Lite 2 Gimbal and Canon 7D

The MOZA isn’t the first system like this on the market. Other better known remote-controlled gimbal-stabilized camera buggys include the Freefly TERO and the Tilta/Vaxis Lighting remote car, introduced at last year’s BIRTV .

The MOZA Tank has a range of 50-100 meters (164-328 feet) with the provided controller. There’s no pricing information yet for the setup (the MOZA Lite 2 gimbal mounted to the Tank starts at $1,100), but the company expects it to be available in the next couple of months. For more information on all of their products, check out the Gudsen website, as well as their up-to-date Facebook page.

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