Cineo Quantum120 colour tunable fixture outputs up to 75,000 lumens and can be run off mains power

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Cineo will be showing their Quantum120 colour tunable light at IBC next week in Amsterdam. This is not a brand new fixture (it was first shown in 2015), but we haven’t featured on the site before. The Quantum120 comprises of four proprietary 585mm x 585mm metal ceramic LED modules, each with 1,280 CineoColor LEDs. The Quantum120 measures at a substantial 1.2m x 1.2m x 14cm (48in x 48in x 5.5in), while weighing in at 25kg (55lbs), inclusive of its integrated power supply and electronics. Cineo claim that the light outputs up to 75,000 lumens of high-quality, colour-accurate light while only drawing 1200 watts. This means it can be safely plugged in and run off a regular mains power outlet. This should appeal to productions who need a big light source, but don’t want to have a large generator on location.

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According to Cineo, the Quantum120 required the development of proprietary LEDs that carry the same high colour quality as the company’s innovative remote phosphor fixtures. The fixture is able to dim from 0-100 percent on the unit, or remotely, and is claimed to be completely flicker-free at all light-levels, without any colour shift. Colour temperature is completely variable from 2700K-6000K with presets at 2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and 6000K. The Quantum120 can be controlled remotely via DMX. A silent, passive cooling system without fans ensures no disruptive ambient noise. The fixture can be fitted with standard 4×4 frames and comes with a removable Snapbag softbox. Multiple mounting options are available, including a heavy-duty yoke.

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The Quantum120 looks like a very interesting light for use on larger productions where a high output source is required to run off a mains power supply. At 25kg it certainly isn’t light, but if you are looking for a colour accurate, large, flattering light source, the Quantum120 is probably worth investigating.

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The light is already available to buy, but for me I would see it as more of a rental item.

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