A Day In Kyoto – First footage from the Canon Cinema EOS C700

The first footage from the new Canon C700 has been posted up online by Canon Japan. A Day In Kyoto, shot by Japanese DP Miki Ogawa is available to watch in 4K, and despite You Tube compression it should give you a bit of an idea of how the images from the camera will look.

The footage is shot in a style that is I am very accustomed to seeing on a lot of TV dramas here in Japan, and the grade is reflective of how quite a few TVCs are produced in this country. From having a look at the footage, it is quite evident that the camera certainly does have a lot of dynamic range, and the pleasing Canon colour science is also there. The C700 seems to also do a good job with rolling off highlights, something that hasn’t been that evident in previous Cinema EOS cameras. The few scenes shot at night, show very little noise and there is still plenty of detail in the shadows.

There are no details of whether A Day In Kyoto was captured internally in 4K or to the new optional Codex CDX-36150 RAW recorder.

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