BIRTV 2016: RAYZR 7 200BM Bi-Colour LED fresnel

At BIRTV in Beijing RAYZR 7 were showcasing their new 200BM Bi-Colour LED fresnel light which we previously reported. The light is colour temperature adjustable from 3200-5600k and has a beam angle of 18°-50°, and a power draw of 100W. The 200BM can run off any DC power source that is 12-24v, which means it is perfect for using with a camera battery.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 1.09.18 PM

RAYZR claims that the 200BM has a CRI of 92-96 and that it remains colour accurate across its kelvin range. The light looks to be well made and weighs 7.2kg (15.87lb).

The 200BM is lightweight and compact in comparison to some other lights in its class. It is not the sort of light your probably going to take on a plane, but it does look suitable for small crews on location where a high power battery operated light is needed. The 200BM can be pre-ordered with a premium accessories package that included barn doors and a carry bag for 1,189.00€ ($1330 US).

RAYZR 7 also sell a daylight only version of the 200, although it can’t be run off camera battery. If you want even more power there is a Bi-Colour and Daylight 300 model available.

For more information go to the RAYZR 7 website.

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