Abelcine’s Cameo V-Lock system: click and lock your camera accessories


AbelCine have a GIF-tastic post over on their website introducing their Cameo V-Lock quick release system. It’s a neat-looking plate and dock that looks like it could be ideal for mounting items like batteries and monitors to rigs – especially when you’re trying to keep weight down to a minimum.

It features a safety latch, push or pull release options and the ability to mount the release lever on the right or left hand side. And it’s based on the industry-standard mounting mechanism more usually found on batteries, so could potentially be used to secure V-Lock power away from the back of a camera.

There’s also a clever (if slightly fiddly looking) metal ring to make sure it doesn’t rotate on ARRI-pattern mounting holes.

AbelCine's Cameo V-Lock. AbelCine's Cameo V-Lock. AbelCine'sCameo V-Lock.
AbelCine’s Cameo V-Lock. Click! AbelCine’s Cameo V-Lock. Click! AbelCine’sCameo V-Lock. Click!

It’s available from AbelCine now, priced at $150 US – though that blog post is also worth a look, if only to see how long you can stand to watch a hole page of constantly changing animated product GIFs. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going for a lie down.

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