Cinegear 2016: Blueshape battery flight cases

Flying with Lithium-ion batteries of any kind can be tricky – IATA regulations restrict where batteries can be stored on a plane and what capacity can be transported. Battery manufacturer Blueshape want to make this headache of a situation a little more straightforward, and at Cinegear this year they were showing their new range of hard cases designed specifically for V-Lock batteries with capacities of up to 270Wh to be transported on cargo aircraft.

Space for four high-capacity Li-ion batteries, protected against the vagaries of baggage handlers.
Space for four high-capacity Li-ion batteries, well protected against the depredations of baggage handlers.

The cases come in two sizes: one has space for four of Blueshape’s largest (270Wh) battery; the other carries up to five smaller 180Wh batteries. The cases have not been tested with other brands of battery and shouldn’t be used to transport anything other than the appropriate Blueshape models by air.

The cases have been tested against 60° heat and impact (Blueshape weren’t specific about their methodology here) with batteries inside them, and they come pre-labelled as cargo with a clear indication of what’s inside. Both the hard plastic compound and the internal foam are proprietary to Blueshape.

Blueshape expect that the correctly labelled battery case should be accepted by most major international courier services. They do suggest that you print out the appropriate information to show a courier in case they aren’t aware of the rules and testing.

The company hopes to be shipping them late June / early July and although pricing isn’t final they should be around the €260 mark. More information on the Blueshape website here.

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