NAB 2016: Ikan Beholder MS-1 and DS-1 brushless gimbals

One of the hottest areas of competition at the moment is single grip brushless gimbals. CameTV, Pilotfly and Filmpower all have new models. Ikan is also getting into the game.

At the NAB show Newsshooter’s Chuck Fadely talked to Ikan about their Beholder MS-1 and DS-1 brushless gimbals. The MS-1 weighs 850g (1.9 lbs) and is suitable for smaller mirrorless cameras. The larger DS-1 weighs 1kg (2.4 lbs) and can take DSLRs like the Canon 5D and Nikon D810.

Both gimbals have simple setup, built-in rechargeable batteries that last two or three hours, and are easy to pack down into their cases for travel. The DS-1 also has the ability to run in inverted mode.

You can find out more about both gimbals on the Ikan website.

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