Schneider announce new 0WA-8XLC-95 wide angle adapter for the Sony 28-135mm

fs7 0.8x

The strange thing about the Sony E-mount PZ 28-135mm f4 is that it is sold as a kit lens with the FS7. The lens simply isn’t wide enough when used to shoot reality with a Super35mm camera. The widest setting of 28mm is useful on a full-frame camera like the a7S, but makes shooting handheld documentary work on the smaller Super35 FS7 and FS5 sensors very challenging. Considering that Sony clearly designed the lens with run-and-gun shooting and the FS7 in mind the choice of focal length range is very odd.


Schneider Optics have just announced what looks like a possible solution. Their Century 0WA-8XLC-95 wide angle adapter expands the field of view by around 20%. The 95mm thread-on adapter has full zoom-through capabilities and effectively converts 28-135 into a 22.4-108mm zoom.

The result is a focal length range that is more useful, although not as wide as the upcoming Canon 18-80 T4.4 zoom, or Fujinon’s 20-120mm T3.5 Cabrio lens.

You can find out more about the adapter here.

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