Frame.io goes mobile with a new iOS app

Frame.io have launched a new iOS app that gives editors, producers, creatives and filmmakers the ability to share, review and collaborate on videos wherever they are from their mobile device.


The iOS app makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Our industry is not one where people are stuck behind desktop or laptop computers all day. Often you want to look at material on set, or when your commuting to work. Having a mobile version of Frame.io lets you do just this. You can now receive and give real time and accurate feedback to your team and clients so they can continue working no matter where they are.

Frame.io for iOS includes:
Time based comments and video annotations so you can draw directly on video frames to accurately communicate your feedback.
Video transcoding in the cloud so you can upload any video format and never worry about playback compatibility. It’ll just work.
Version control so you can see what your video looked like 1 version ago or 100 versions ago.
Comment Replay – loops a 4 second range around any comment so you can get a sense of what it means in context.
TouchScrub – just slide your finger over a thumbnail to preview.
3D Touch Support with Peek and Pop
Touch ID for added security


“We spent 8 months perfecting the Frame.io experience for iPhone and it’s absolutely amazing”, says Frame.io CEO, Emery Wells. “The old way of working with email and 10 different file sharing and video review services just wasn’t cutting it. We first solved that problem on the web and now with Frame.io for iOS we’ve made the entire video review and collaboration experience accessible from anywhere.”

Also available in French and German, the Frame.io iOS app can be downloaded now from the App Store. To learn more, please visit Frame.io – Video Review and Collaboration by Frame.io

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