New 24/7 Traffic Collection – Camera Bags on a Budget


Available exclusively through Adorama, 24/7 Traffic Collection is a new offering of bags designed for urban photographers, as well as video shooters with light gear. The collection features a messenger bag, a shoulder bag, a sling, and a few small pouches and holsters. Because it can be difficult to determine the size and quality of bags from store photos, I wanted to take a closer look at the messenger and the sling bags.



The messenger bag is the largest in the series, and is targeted specifically for bicyclists. Unlike the smaller shoulder bag, the messenger bag’s straps are not interchangeable, and they are padded and fit in a way that the bag sits at an angle along your back. In other words, it really is designed for bicyclists.

The bag has a built in rain cover, and it also includes a small pouch for camera cables or accessories, and a larger padded tote for a camera and lenses. The tote is actually pretty spacious – I managed to fill it barely halfway up with a DSLR body and a couple lenses.


If you don’t want to use the tote, you can keep the messenger bag completely open and fit a larger rigged up camera. I placed a Canon C100 with 24-105mm lens, along with the top handle and a shotgun mic, and still had room for a Canon XC10 next to it.


The Sling bag is smaller, intending to fit only a DSLR and 3 lenses, plus a tablet or small laptop.



The side pocket is easy to swing around and reach in to grab your camera at a moment’s notice. And the top-load compartment can fit more gear or some personal items.



One gripe I have is that the Traffic Collection series claims to be designed as “discrete” bags for urban photographers, but I feel the branding is a little over the top.


The other questionable part of these bags is the included card/media pouch, which is supposed to offer protection for your camera card. They can slide onto just about any part of the bag, both on the inside or outside. But its vary moveable nature makes it super easy to lose or misplace, in my opinion.


I took the Messenger bag around on a bike for a gig, which needed the C100 and XC10 and a small handheld gimbal. The bag was comfortable and felt secure, and I was surprised how much fit inside. I think for the price, the messenger bag is quite a deal. The Sling is also nice, but I think there are people out there who are into sling bags, and I’m more of a shoulder and messenger kind of person.


Overall the bags feel pretty durable, and the water-resistant material offer some protection from the elements, though I wouldn’t hesitate to use the included rain pouch on either of these bags. They are priced very affordably, at $99.95 for the Sling, and $79.95 for the Messenger, which includes their various accessories.

More information about the 24/7 Traffic Collection series of bags is available at Adorama.

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