NAB 2016 Live show replay: Zacuto’s articulating handgrips, Control grip and Gratical Eye

On the Teradek live show at NAB Jens Bogehegn and Steve Weiss from Zacuto talk about their latest products including the Gratical Eye, universal baseplate and trigger grip.

The articulated handgrip arms are extendable and you can attach most common handgrip types. Apart from Zacuto’s own grips it can accept C300, FS7, FS5 and various wooden ones. The nice thing is that it has a quick release level that allows you to quickly rotate up if you want to set your camera down on the floor. In addition you can also rotate the handgrip so that your hand is at the perfect angle for comfort.

Zacuto also showed their new contol grip, an evolution of the prototypes that we had previously seen. The new version is said to be close to launch and should allow full control of zoom motors and camera controls at your fingertips. There is a new, smaller control box which mounts at the rear of the camera that houses all the electronics you need to make the system work.

Lastly, they showed the Gratical Eye EVF which we previously reviewed.

The Newsshooter team was so impressed with the Gratical Eye, we awarded it Best Pro Video Accessory at the show.

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