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NAB 2016: Filmpower’s new ROXOR 4K, VR, 4200 and quick release Nebula 4100 Lite gimbals

Chinese gimbal maker Filmpower are well known for their original single handle Nebula 4000 brushless gimbal. At NAB they were back with several new models including new 4K and 360 versions of their ROXOR integrated camera/gimbal, and a new single handed model, the 4100 Lite.

The Nebula 4100 Lite
The Nebula 4100 Lite

The $599 4100 Lite has a number of key improvements over the original including a fresh design and a nice rubberised handle. The most innovative feature is the quick release mounting system which includes a cage that stays permanently attached to the camera for rapid mounting and unmounting. When the Nebula 4000 came out it had virtually no competition – things have changed though and the 4100 is up against single handed models from Pilotfly, Ikan and CameTV. We hope to be able to review this model soon.

roxor gimbal copy

The ROXORs are Filmpower’s competitors to the DJI OSMO and have distinctive, boxy space-aged styling. If you were a fan of Gerry Anderson’s Space:1999 then you’ll probably love them. New at the show were 4K and VR versions that use the same gimbal. The $499 US 4K ROXOR PRO version has a claimed maximum bitrate of 100 Mbps and can also shoot 1080P video at 120fps. Unlike the OSMO the non-VR ROXORs have a small screen on the rear which means you don’t need an iPhone or Android phone to monitor. The ROXORs don’t have the same level of image control that the OSMO has, but they are significantly cheaper.

The prototype Nebula 4200 we saw in Beijing earlier this year
The prototype Nebula 4200 we saw in Beijing earlier this year

Lastly the new 4200 gimbal with iso arms was also shown. This has been out for a few weeks now. The idea is that it removes the up-and-down motion introduced by the spring in your step. In practice it seems to work, but also reduces the feel of direct control you have over the gimbal. Its best described as a kind of floating feeling. At the show they were showing a new remote controller for the 4200.

For more info on all of these you can check out the Filmpower website.

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