NAB 2016: Cmotion Cfinder III Laser Rangefinder & Cdistance display

If you spend your time shooting dramas or motion pictures then you’ll probably have heard of Cmotion. The company make some of the best remote focus units around. They also work closely with ARRI and manufacturer the CForce motors sold alongside the ARRI Alexa Mini.

At NAB they were showing the latest version of the Cfinder laser distance measure which can work with both the company’s and ARRI’s remote focus systems. The Cfinder III is an extremely precise measure which the company claim is significantly faster than ultrasound-based competitors. It has a small form factor and a wonderfully clear display.

Also on show was a prototype of the Cdistance display which gives a focus puller a large, clear display of the distance measured. It can be attached to a remote focus hand unit or mattebox sides.

Another new product from Cmotion was their new CForce Plus motor. This is a larger, faster and stronger version of last year’s CForce Mini motor. Designed to drive larger and stiffer cine lenses the CForce Plus has about twice the torque of the CForce Mini. It can run 20 percent faster if needed. Like the previous motor it works fully with ARRI Alexa systems, as well as Cmotion’s own controllers.

Cmotion gear isn’t cheap, but if you are a working focus puller then these new gadgets are worth checking out. Just don’t expect to be using them on your next no-budget indie production.

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