NAB 2016: New Bright Tangerine trays make changing filters a breeze

At NAB 2016 I spoke to Robert Eagle from Bright Tangerine about their new filter trays. Bright Tangerine have taken a new approach to the old age problem of putting filters in and out of filter trays. The filter tray has been designed so that instead of pulling up on a clip to release the filter, you gently squeeze two levers.

Shooting in -25c temperatures with the Arri Amira and Bright Tangerine Misfit
Shooting in -25c temperatures with the ARRI Amira and Bright Tangerine Misfit mattebox

This is is a brilliant solution to a common issue. There has been countless times when working in cold conditions where I have had to remove gloves to change filters. The Bright Tangerine solution means that you will no longer have to do that.

Bright Tangerine plans on phasing out their older trays and all new Bright Tangerine matte boxes will eventually ship with the new filter trays. The filter trays will also be available separately to purchase in around 8-10 weeks. There is no indication yet about pricing.

Keep an eye on the Bright Tangerine website for more details.

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