NAB 2016: Wooden Camera wooden hand grip and trigger box

At NAB 2016 Ryan Schorman from Wooden Camera was demonstrating his new wooden hand grip that features a ergonomic design and ARRI standard rosette mounting point. The hand grip costs $195 US, which makes it considerably cheaper than some of the other alternatives available on the market.


Wooden Camera have also made a modular trigger box that can be attached to the hand grip. The trigger box consists of a 3 pin Fisher connection for triggering ARRI standard cameras, as well as a LANC connection for triggering Sony, Canon and Blackmagic cameras. The trigger box comes with both a coiled TRS cable as well as a coiled 3 pin Fisher cable. The trigger box is available also for $195 US.


Both items are now available and shipping. For more details visit the Wooden Camera website.

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