NAB 2016: Tilta RED Weapon Cages

At NAB Tilta were showing two new cage solutions for the RED Weapon. Tilta’s philosophy is to integrate the cameras electronic connections with the cage, as well as provide a vast array of power and connectivity in and outputs.


One of the most clever features was the integration of Tilta’s own FIZ (focus,iris, zoom) reliever unit in the cage itself. This looked to be quite a clever concept and removes the need for extra cables and components hanging off the camera. The only downside to integrating a proprietary FIZ system in the cage is that it is only compatible with Tilta components. Tilta also plans to include another module in the cage that would let the end user control some of the cameras functions such as start/stop, ISO and shutter speed etc through their FIZ hand controller. Title also plans on building a another module for the cage that would work with the companies wireless video transmission system.


The Weapon cage comes with a back IO module that gives you two XLR connections (both with phantom power), timecode, genlock, USB and a HDMI output, camera trigger as well as a headphone jack and DC power out. The top plate and handle connects directly to the cameras pogo pins so that all the electronics are still fully functional.

The top plate has multiple power outputs and 3 SDI outputs. Tilta have also made a side arm with a direct pogo pin connection so that you can relocate the RED 7″ touch LED screen or use the Bomb EVF. The whole cage is powered from whatever battery you use on your Weapon.


Tilta also offers a more simplified version of the cage for Weapon owners who are already using a RED v-lock IO expander. Both cages should be available soon, but there is no indication yet of pricing.

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