NAB 2016: Tilta Gravity gimbal for large camera payloads

At NAB 2016, Tilta were showing off their new Gravity gimbal that can accomodate camera payloads of up to 14.96kg (33lb), but the gimbal itself only weighs 2.99kg (6.6lb). It also features extendable arms and the ability to extend the whole mounting frame forwards or backwards making it a good solution for longer cameras such as the Arri Amira.


The Gravity uses very powerful motors to help stabilise heavier payloads. In my short time using the gimbal it seemed to perform fairly well. Tilta also had a mimic type system that allows a second operator to directly control the direction and the movement of the camera.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.17.54 AM

The whole Gravity and mimic system is priced at a very reasonable $3700US and is available now to purchase.

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