NAB 2016: Fiilex M1 LED light with the equivalent of 1500W tungsten output

At NAB 2016 Fiilex were showing their new M1 panel light. This is a high output HMI replacement that competes with more estabilshed models like the Nila Varsa and Aadyntech JAB lights. Unlike many of its rivals it features colour tunability from 2800 to 6500K and hue control with ±0.25 green. Colour accuracy is also claimed to be good – something that higher output lights have often struggled with. Rival fixtures often need additional colour correction filters to be used to remove green casts.

The fixture uses Dense-Matrix LED technology in a form-factor that provides a diffused flicker-free source. Fiilex claim the M1 has a massive 1500W tungsten equivalent output. The light comes with a built-in softbox mount so users can directly attach a soft box without having to use a speed ring. It also has IP24 water resistance if you get caught outside filming in a rainshower.


The M1 also features full dimmability. The fixture weighs in at 9.5 lbs / 4.3 kg and has a 110° beam angle (w/o Fresnel Lens) and 30° with a Fresnel Lens. If you want to power the light from a battery source, Block Battery has had a 48v solution and BlueShape have also introduced their new lunchbox style battery holder capable of 48v. Both will power the M1.

Photometric data from Fiilex
Photometric data from Fiilex




For more details you can visit the Fiilex website.

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